Magical Invocations

Invocations or formulas are to invoke/conjure invisible beings which are present on earth but not visible to the naked eye.

Invocation formulas enable the conjurer to see, control and command these invisible beings for personal and materialistic fulfillments.

I prepare 4 primary invocations which have stood the test of time and ordered most. Genie invocations, angel of wealth, spirits calling and genie wish spells formula.

Angel for Wealth and Money Matters

This is the hidden secret formula. The one who will invoke the angel will be showered with money and wealth the very moment he commands the angel to do so.

The invoker will have a sea of wealth at his feet.

How then will you handle such quantities of wealth? Well if you are the one who can handle mammoth amounts of wealth then it’s my pleasure to hand over this hidden secret formula to you.

Special Spirits Invocation Formula

This invocation is a top seller and is always in great demand throughout the world.

The spirit will come with this invocation and will be at your command.
You can ask the spirits any and all types of questions and get directly the winning numbers for lotteries, lotto, bingo and much more.

Gain access to answers and unknown secrets of the future, present and past etc.

The Egyptian Magical Genie Invocation – Jinn Invocation

This one invocation will conquer the Genie/Giant/Jinn for you. This is one power which is the most supreme in the universe. You just have to command the genie and he will manifest your desires in an instant. You can ask him for hidden treasures, wealth’s and fortunes. He will make you role on the bed of wealth and bring gold and riches for you.

He will always be around you as your bodyguard and protect you.I cannot even explain to you how powerful this one invocation is.
The jinn will destroy all your enemies and will destroy all kinds of diseases known or unknown to you.

You will live a life of lords and kings. Remember this is the egyptian genie summoning formula which is the rarest in the world.

The Egyptian genie will make you take control of your destiny.I will not only teach you how to conjure a genie but will see to it that you learn the art of how to invoke a genie successfully.

This genie conjuration formula is different and far greater than genie summoning spells and jinn spells.