Magical Candles

Magical candles infused with special prayers and made after performing special rituals and ceremonies. Should be used and are an absolute must. You can use these candles while praying. The simplest way of using these powerful candles is that you light one candle before the prayer and once the prayer is complete you can blow of the candle and keep it securely.

The use of the magical candle is absolutely mandatory while praying because the fragrance/incense that emits from the candle will create a spiritual ambience in your home which is very vital for your prayers to be and get answered by the angels.

If you are one of those who don’t pray regularly then you may simply light a magical candle each day for 15 minutes. The use of this candle will bring positive energy and vibes to your home and remove all the negativity out of your home.

The use of this magical candle will make certain that you and your home is surrounded by peace, prosperity and harmony. Will remove and destroy all kinds of magic, evil, jealousy and witchcraft.
There are 3 candles in 1 pack