Green Power Money Spells

Need Money and not one who gets easily satisfied. I hear your plea.

Starting out first with the name of these spells and why are they termed green power money spells? These spells are not green in color and neither is green a universally accepted color for currency. Chuckles!!! Green is a symbol of wealth, success and prosperity. The color green comes to mind when thinking of these three things so I have named these spells as green money spells. Trust me; I am clarifying the obvious here because plenty of people ask me the same question in a number of ways. Why are the spells green???

Here is the serious part. These spells are not merely to attract wealth but to make money through success and prosperity in life at the same time. Did you spot the difference? Read on.

Most attraction spells of money are to attract money but what about success and prosperity? I agree money is most important, if not the most important thing to have in possession but you will value the same money much more after achieving it in the ways of success, achievement and prosperity. One may question, what’s the difference in having money in a straightforward manner or why even bother achieving it through a longer route of successes and achievements? I can’t agree with you more but a small correction to be made here. It’s not a long route but a fast paced route as well. The reason people cast these spells is to have a greater sense of achievement and a soul satisfactory feeling of success, wealth and prosperity.