Rekindle love

Having troubles in restoring love life? Need help in doing so immediately and don’t know how?
Now since you have finally figured out that passion has gone out of the window from your marriage and desperate measures need to be taken to rekindle love, I want to ask you that didn’t you notice passion declining over a period of time and didn’t you bother resurrecting such an important issue. Your answer either is going to be an empty long silence or I hardly get time. I don’t need shallow answers.

Let’s get into the causes for the benefit of readers. Men think women lack passion towards love and sex but the fact is exactly opposite. Females have more in them than males but don’t express it that much and prefer males to take the upper hand in these things.

For men my advice is to work less and concentrate more on your sex life and fulfill the basic desires of your partner.

Fro women my advice is to become more expressive and entice your partner into desire fulfilling actions.

Both the parties need to take great care and take mutual actual every now and then to maintain love and passion in a marriage.

Coming back to the damage that is already been done and to rekindle love between you and your partner. These rekindle love spells act as reactors to rekindle love between both.

Now once these spells get the passion back into your lives, don’t forget the above advice. It’s coming from a person who has seen it all. Not talking from personal experience but experiences of people over years. Chuckles!!!