Free Money Spells

Need to know different uses and types of money spells?
Money spells are of several kinds. On this page you will find free money spells for daily use. If you want to read about the paid money spells that I have then you may click here. The paid money spells are all cast by me with a success rate of 100%.

Try your luck with these free money spells and if you need professional casting of money spells then email me.

Money spells and spell casting has evolved with time. Mighty magic spells are the most advanced spells you can and will ever come across.

Few myths above casting money spells which are not true and are false.

1) Money Spells will have negative effects because it will bring money against the pattern of life.

2) Money Spells will have a negative effect on life.

3) Money Spells will have adverse effects on family.

4) Money Spell will make me lose my soul.

The very fact that I am laughing out loud while writing these 4 points makes it clear that these myths are rubbish. Since I have spoken about myths so now let me write what happens by the use of my money spells.

1) Money Spells change financial standings drastically.

2) Money Spells will provide a rapid flow of money throughout a lifetime.

3) Money Spells will make a person prosper in life.

4) Money Spells will provide a life full of money, success, prosperity and luxuries.

Black Magic Return Back Money Spells

Money Flow Spell

Take any book and keep it next to your bed
Now place your currency note in the book.
After placing the note in the book you must chant
51 times daily.

You will see that doors towards money will open for you.

Quick Money Spell

Take a wooden box and keep it in your drawer etc.
Now place your currency coin in the wooden box.
After placing the coin the box you must chant
“NAKAS GA NAZ BANOKA” 51 times daily.

You will see that various different ways of success will open for you which will ultimately lead to quick money.

Finance and Money Growth Spell

Take a bowl filled with water.

Each morning you must chant “MALO MAF ZOH” 99 times and then blow air from your mouth onto the water. Then you may drink the water.

This Spell is known to bring a lot of income and financial opportunities.

Money Pillow Spell

Take a piece of black paper and write on it “MAA BINKALS PUTI NAM”. Put the piece of paper under your pillow while sleeping for 30 nights and after 30 nights burry the paper in mud. Money and finances will increase and steady flow of income will always be maintained forever.

The other easy way for casting this money spell is below….Each night simply chant this spell 24 times “MAA BINKALS PUTI NAM”

Will bring you wealth, fortune and good luck.

Success With Money and Finances Spell

Take a wallet and inside it keep your picture along with a note or coin of your currency.

In the morning you must carry the wallet along with you.

Each morning before handling the purse you must chant
“MALO AALO ABOF” 51 times daily.

This is a spell for success with all issues and matters related with money and finances.