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Myths and perceptions that people have when it comes to magic spells, charms, amulets, talismans and voodoo dolls….
This page has me answering to few of the best ever asked questions.
Mail in your questions and if the queries are interesting enough so will be added to the query page.
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Are spells safe to use and are there any side effects ?2019-02-04T11:04:35+00:00

There are no side effects when I am casting magic spells.

What is the success rate when casting a spell ?2019-02-04T11:05:06+00:00

You can be 100% sure that the spell will work for you when I will cast it based on certain algorithms and calculations that are involved in a successful spell casting.

People often purchase a spell or spells online from other sources and try casting themselves. The end result is that you do not succeed.

The big question is Why?

The answer is stated by me above. People do not understand the algorithms and calculations that go into casting successful magic spells.

Spells are of what types?2019-02-04T11:05:31+00:00

There are three forms of magic spells
White magic spells, black magic spells and Egyptian magic spells.

White magic spells are cast for almost all purposes.
Black magic spells are cast for love, money, revenge, curse and hex.
Egyptian spells are used for love, fertility, attraction and marriage.

Do love spells last forever or do they work for a limited period of time ?2019-02-04T11:06:07+00:00

Love spells cast by me last forever.

Why would you settle for a love spell that will work only temporarily?

Do you require the name of a person to cast love spells?2019-02-04T11:06:28+00:00

It is important to know the name of the person when casting all kinds of love spells.

Can any person use your talismans irrespective of caste and religion?2019-02-04T11:07:33+00:00

My talismans are extracted, generated and manipulated out from the writings of the ancient scriptures.

These ancient scriptures were written way beyond in time when there were no religions.

Anyone can use my talismans, charms and amulets.

How do money spells work, I mean do I get a whole lot of money immediately without doing anything?2019-02-28T10:30:40+00:00

Money spells will open ways and directions for money, richness and fortune.

You will start getting unexpected progress in business and sales.

If you are working then get prepared for promotions at an alarming rate.

Do lottery spells seriously work?2019-02-04T11:08:30+00:00

Lottery spells really work and are no myth.

Lottery spells are in other words easy money spells that make the caster win huge amounts of money without effort.

Easy lottery spells are for lotteries, lotto, jackpot, horse racing and many more other kinds of games.

Share some knowledge on love spells chants.2019-02-04T11:08:56+00:00

Free love chants are great but it’s important to find genuine love spells chants that really work.

Repetitive recitation of a chant/prayer for matters related to love are simple and easy.

Genie spells and genie conjurations.2019-02-04T11:09:19+00:00

Genie wish spells are not genie conjuration formulas.

There is a difference between both of them and one must understand the difference.

Genie conjurations are to conquer genies and on the other hand genie wish spells are to make a genie grant all wishes without being conquered.

Angels for wealth are genies of a different kind?2019-02-04T11:09:45+00:00

Angels of wealth and genies are different specimens.

Angels are created by God to play a set of roles and similarly genies have a set of roles to play in the world and universe.

Angels for wealth are absolutely amazing to gain huge amounts of money without any effort.

Mega money will be all around even before you realize.

Voodoo dolls.2019-02-04T11:10:10+00:00

African voodoo dolls are the best dolls one can buy.

Voodoo dolls are based on African magic and are guaranteed to give results.

Voodoo dolls are customized and tailor made to fit everyone’s needs and demands.

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