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My services include
magic spells, love spells, money spells, white magic, black magic, witchcraft and voodoo.
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Magic Spells

Talismans / Charms / Amulets

Voodoo Magic

green voodoo doll

Voodoo magic and black magic are equal at power, both are very effective and deliver.

Voodoo is African magic and very popular.

Voodoo by far is the most ordered magic and voodoo dolls are ordered the most.

African voodoo dolls are classified into two groups.

Good voodoo dolls for love, attraction, prosperity and protection.

Bad voodoo dolls for destruction, curses and breakups.

Choose your voodoo spells now.

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Magic Rings

magic rings

Real magic rings which have magical properties in them either naturally or infused magically are termed as magic rings or wonder rings.

Magical rings I prepare are a combination of power gemstones that occur naturally in the earth’s crust and magical infusions thus making the rings unique and very effective.

Magic rings, healing rings, money rings and love rings are popular among the masses.

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Magic Items

Astrology – Astral Magic / Projection

red sun astrology

I will touch on the basics of all three to give the readers a clear to the point picture.


Is simply a study of stars and planets of an individual based on his personal details and the study is translated into a horoscope report whereby what the future holds and what needs to be done is discussed and mentioned in depth.
Don’t get confused by false theories looming large over the internet about astrology, this is the core concept of astrology which i have mentioned.

Indian astrology and Chinese astrology is considered to be the best.

Astral Magic – Involves the use of astral talismans.

Astral talismans are usually made with a birth stone for an individual that suits him best. Astral talismans are for love, wealth, success, protection and healing.
Astral magic works and fetches amazing results.

Astral Projection

It’s neither an illusion nor a hypnotic suggestion making practice to say the least.
Astral projection is a reality and can be easily experienced.
Astral projection is an outer bodily experience that enables the subconscious mind of an individual to connect with the universe thus enabling the subconscious to know all about his past, present, future and in some cases the afterlife.
One must try astral projection at least once in a lifetime.

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Chimes

Originated in china and now practiced globally.
Feng shui is a system based practice on the chain of life.
Feng shui is a practice for wellbeing of everyone.
Feng shui is for good luck, good health, positivity, luck, love and wealth.
People who practice or own feng shui products witness and sense inner peace and general wellbeing.

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