Win your lovers heart, woo your partner or simply gain respect in your lover's eyes by casting this spell. Gain the much needed and required love, respect and affection from your partner by casting the winning love spell.

The spell is a true gem if you look to win your lovers heart. The spell is used by married and unmarried couples.

At night cast this spell.

STEP 1) Take a bath and wear clean white clothes.

STEP 2) Sit in a comfortable seated position preferably on a chair and keep a table in front of you.

STEP 3) Take a small crystal box and place it on the table in front of you. Fill it halfway with sandal powder.

STEP 4) Keep a picture of your partner in the crystal box and seal the box tightly.

STEP 5) While closing the box chant the spell repeatedly for 5 times MAZE AHAM KIMAT HOYE GA.

In days you will witness a change in the attitude of your partner. You will gain love, care, affection and respect from your partner to no ends.