A classique love spell which has no element of black or dark forces involved. In my opinion and experience there is no harm in using dark or black magic but then again it's a personal opinion and choice. If you prefer white magic love spells rather than dark or black then this spell is for you.

White magic love spells are general spells and to be used for all love desires and purposes. Use this spell for almost all love needs that come to mind. The key is to keep in mind the purpose for which you are casting the spell.

You will need rose petals, lavender aroma incense and a brass bowl.

STEP 1) Take a round brass bowl and fill it with milk. Add some good quantity of natural honey to the bowl.

STEP 2) Add rose petals to the bowl.

STEP 3) Empty one full bottle of lavender incense in the bowl.

STEP 4) Take a small paper and write your name on it along with your partners name on it. On the backside of the paper you must write the main purpose for which you are casting the spell. Write the purpose briefly.

STEP 5) Immerse the paper in the bowl and move it around well. Nice and slowly.

STEP 6) Sing the spell for 5 minutes while moving the paper around in the bowl HUBAK MOHEKAL MERA HO. The key element here is to imagine your partner and the purpose for which you are casting this love spell.

STEP 7) Keep the bowl at home for one night and the next morning put away the bowl along with the entire content in the sea. Let it all go away in the sea along with the bowl.

In days your desire will get fulfilled.

The most effective white magic love spell ever.