Voodoo is very powerful and even more so when dealing with love. Voodoo is extreme.Cast this spell only and only if you are serious about the partner you seek. Voodoo can never be reversed and breaking voodoo is a hard task. It's my recommendation to cast this spell on the partner you seek only if you intend to stay committed to you partner for life.

You will need a voodoo doll to cast the spell and few household objects.
Getting the right doll is the key element here or simply ask me for one.

Let's start with the voodoo love spell assuming that you have a doll with you in possession.

You will cast the spell on a full moon when the clock strikes 12'oclock sharp.

STEP 1) Take the voodoo doll and place it on a table.

STEP 2) On the front side of the doll write your name and the partners name parallel to each other vertically (head to toe).

STEP 3) Write the spell in between the names ZAGORK ZAGARSH HAZAK MILAPA.

STEP 4) Take a raw egg and pour it completely on the backside of the doll making sure the doll gets soaked completely.

STEP 5) Take the doll outside your home and burry it well so none can remove it. During this process chant the same spell 9 times.

The partner you seek will be yours and forever.