This love spell traditionally has been cast by married couples only but now also by lovers who seek a marriage. In the olden days this spell was only cast by married couples since there was a culture of arranged marriages back then and getting into love affairs was strictly prohibited. Times have changed now, couples who are not married but are heading towards a committal relationship also cast this spell.

By reading the above, you get an idea that this is a very old traditional spell and has stood the test of times.

It's important to know the purposes this love spell serves before you decide to cast this spell. The spell is cast for these many purposes.

A) If you feel that your partner is neglecting you
B) Not giving you enough time
C) Showing disinterest in you
D) Is unfaithful towards you

The spell has to be cast at night time only.

Take a clean piece of cloth and right down your name and your partners name on it in capital and parallel to each other. In between the two names write the spell MA ZAADAW UR ZAADAW.

After completing the above tasks you must roll the cloth and tie it to any tree of your choice tightly and make sure no person removes the cloth forever. You will be surprised to see the changes in your partner right from the next day onwards.

Love and affection will galore.