I hear more and more from readers who are unhappy after marriage and some complain of having several unsuccessful marriages. Let me reveal the reason why.

People at most times get married in a rush hoping and thinking that they have found true love. Things often change after marriage and its then when you realize that the decision was wrong and the person you thought as true love was not the right one.

It's a decision of a lifetime and taking the right decision is of utmost importance. Here is where the spell comes into play and will help you in finding the true love.

It's a simple spell and not much effort is required.

In the evening cast the spell for 21 days and then stop. At night after sunset cast the spell.

STEP 1) Take a bath and wear clean white clothes.

STEP 2) Take a rosary of 100 beads and chant the spell 100 times BAZAL MOHAK MOHE PEGA PAARE.

Two things will happen after or while casting the true love spell.

1) If you seek a true lover then indeed your true love will come to you.

2) If you are in a serious relationship and think that you are with your true love so after casting this spell you will know if indeed he/she is your true love or no. Your next question will be how? It's simple. If he is your true love then will still be around after the spell casting and if he is not then will go away from your life and his place will be taken by your true love.