Heading towards a divorce can be a tough situation to handle and it gets even worse when you decide to save your marriage from the clutches of divorce.

If both the partners want to save a marriage which can so easily be achieved by both the parties talking their way into it mutually. This is great.

If you are not as lucky as the above set of people and your partner is hell bent for a divorce then what do you do? Don't fret and here comes a spell just right for people in this situation.

STEP 1) In the evening take a bath and sit still on a chair or any comfortable seated position.

STEP 2) Keep a picture of your partner in front of you.

STEP 3) While looking at the picture you will sing this love spell 21 times only MAZA MERA MOHE HUBAK ROK ZAR.

Chant this spell for 21 days and within this tenure the divorce will be miraculously called off.