Lots of people come and go in one's life but getting married to the right person is what eventually matters.

Spell is to be cast only if you wish to get married.

The spell needs to be cast for 41 days. Your soul mate will come to you directly or indirectly to you before the tenure of 41 days end. Make sure to complete the 41 days even if your soul mate comes to you before. After 41 days the talks of marriage will start and eventually head towards marriage.

STEP 1) In the evening take a bath and wear clean white clothes.

STEP 2) Take a rosary of 999 beads and chant this spell 999 times daily for 41 days YA HUBAKA MERA.

Note that you must keep full concentration, your head should be clear
of thoughts and distractions if you want this soul mate love spell to succeed.