The name of this spell says it all. The spell is to remove all outside interferences and obstructions that come in the way of you and your partner. In other words this spell ensures smooth sailing of a relationship. Married and unmarried couples both can cast this love spell.

Cast this spell on a Thursday evening.

STEP 1) Take a small piece of paper and write down your name and your partners name on the paper.

STEP 2) Add few drops of rose incense on the paper.

STEP 3) Fold the paper into 4 folds and on the paper write the spell HUBAK HUBA ZOOLZOL MERA.

STEP 4) Wrap the paper in a thin layer of silver sheet. If silver is expensive then use foil. I recommend silver but foil is a good alternative.

STEP 5) Take the preparation and keep it under a solid brick ensuring that it is unmoved forever.

The love spell is as simple as it gets, will remove any and all interference from the path that cause obstructions in your relationship.