A classic love spell to be cast only during the rainy seasons when its pouring. Don't try this spell when it's not raining because it won't work. You will be left disappointed.
Cast this spell at night when it's raining.

You will need rose petals, rose incense, raw egg and a marker pen. This is an extreme love spell and mark my words when I say that this spell will fulfill your love desires. The spell is mainly used to bring your lover back. The reasons could be many for your lover to have gone away but the reasons don't matter since the spell will bring your lover back.

STEP 1) In a comfortable seated position preferably on a chair etc take a raw egg and on its shell write the name of your lover in capital and bold.

STEP 2) Stick rose petals on the egg and cover the egg with rose petals. Yes, cover the name as well with rose petals. Use some glue to stick the petals.

STEP 3) Shower good quantity of rose incense on the egg.

STEP 4) On an empty piece of land outside your home, keep the egg and while looking at the egg sing this spell 6 times ZAS MAS HUBA PAYAR. Turn back and go to your home without looking back at the egg.

This is a gem of a love spell to bring back your lover.