The spell holds great value for married couples in general who for some reason or the other at a stage in life lose the spark which leads to lack of lust, love and passion. Hectic lifestyle is the main cause which leads to lack of lust and passion.

Are you in this situation whereby you feel that your partner has lost interest in you and is no longer interested in love, lust and passion? If you are currently facing this issue then this spell is indeed the right choice for you.

It's a very simple spell and requires minimalist effort on your side.

Take a rose quartz crystal mala of 20 crystals and chant the spell while looking at your partner or looking at his picture MERA PASOK HOOGA.

Use only a rose quartz crystal mala and no other crystal mala for this spell to work. Cast this spell forever and notice unimaginable and unending love, lust and passion in your married life.