There are plenty of gemstones which exist but I have mentioned below the ones that are highly effective and are extremely worth using.

Gemstones merely don't work by keeping in your pocket or wallet etc. They show their wonders only when in contact with the human body.
It is therefore my duty to make them in the form of a pendant or a ring depending on what you desire.

Rings and pendant's will be made in silver only. Designs will be different to what you see in the pictures. On request the actual pictures will be sent.


Truly is an all round super stone. Suits every one and is supremely effective.

This multipurpose gem is used by business people, students and the working class.

Will provide business, jobs, luck, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

Price US $80 or EUROS 80 or POUNDS 60


Recognized by a distinct line running across the centre of the stone dividing the stone into two halves.

Will bring prosperity, good health and will cure all diseases and sicknesses.

Known to take care of stomach issues and infections.

Stone will provide the wearer with a good sound sleep and the wearer will get rid of bad dreams and night mares.

Price US $80 or EUROS 80 or POUNDS 60


This stone has got various tendencies and properties.

It is known to clear all the negative energies and at the same time will instil positivity to the wearer.

Is very effective to cure phobias and fears.

Provides protection to the wearer from sicknesses, accidents, disasters and robberies.

Price US $80 or EUROS 80 or POUNDS 60


This stone works wonders for lovers or love related issues.

The wearer will gain attention and will attract the opposite gender towards himself.

This stone is worn for a marriage or relationship to be successful.
Moon stone is also worn by people who have either lost their love or have broken up with the partner.

This stone will bring your love back and will reunite you with your lost love.

This stone is truly amazing.

Price US $80 or EUROS 80 or POUNDS 60


This one is truly a gem of a stone. It has mysterious properties.
Will bring you love, luck, good fortune, success and wealth.

Will provide you with maximum protection from sicknesses, diseases, accidents, bad luck, evil and black magic.

Will lose shine if at all anything bad is going to befall on you. It will take the bad and absorb it in itself and as a result nothing will ever happen to you.

Price US $80 or EUROS 80 or POUNDS 60


The wearer of this stone will notice positive vibes which will clear all kinds of negative thoughts, fears and tensions.

Will provide you with a sense and feel of prestige, will increase your self esteem.

The wearer will be highly regarded and respected by others.

This stone is used to gain wealth, fame and fortune.

Price US $80 or EUROS 80 or POUNDS 60


This stone provides you with peace, harmony and prosperity.

It enlightens your mind and helps with meditation and yogic practices.

Also known to increase the sixth sense of a person.

It is a symbol of richness, good health and happiness.

Price US $80 or EUROS 80 or POUNDS 60


It will sharpen and strengthen your mind.

Used by students and also people who develop mind related issues due to old age such as forgetfulness.

Increases and sharpens your vision.

The wearer will never suffer from cataract and vision loss after the use of the ruby.

Price US $80 or EUROS 80 or POUNDS 60