The magical healing crystal that I am mentioning here is no ordinary crystal. This crystal egg is known for its healing properties. The user of this crystal must hold the crystal tightly in the right palm. This crystal will cure all kinds of deadly diseases, will absorb all the negativity and will emit pure positive vibrations within your body. This crystal will also take care of your blood pressure and will maintain your blood pressure. Often used by people who suffer from anger issues as this crystal has a very cooling and a calming effect on its user. Known to erase phobias, depression and also used by males for harder and stronger erections.

You must have heard a lot about crystal maze and the use of crystals to foretell the future etc. The clients who have used this special crystal have reported an increase in their intuition power and this is one main property of this crystal due to which it is ordered worldwide by clients who are interested in lotteries, horse racing's and gambling's.

Price US $100 or EUROS 100 or POUNDS 75