Here is one spell that ensures the fulfillment of one basic desire that is shared by all. Lust, love and satisfaction are all interrelated. I will stick to lust since I have names this spell as a lust love spell.

This lust love spell can be used by all.

This is a classic rose in a book spell. All of us have practiced keeping a rose in the book etc but here is the real secret and science behind it which you must have never heard. I am the first person who is disclosing the secret or rather the secret love spell. This spell never fails.

1) Take a rose and sprinkle some rosewater on it

2) Sing this spell on the rose 999 times HUB SHADDO MAAAKUL.

3) Take a thick book and keep the rose in the book along with the name of the person you seek and lust.

Within days you will notice the magic that will take place and the person you seek and lust will be all yours. Don't use this spell for wrong materialistic needs.

You are to imagine the person you seek and lust throughout casting this love spell for it to work.