Take any fruit. Keep your lovers picture next to the fruit.
Chant 5 times onto the fruit "KALOOT MANAHO JANA KALOOT" and blow air from your mouth on to the fruit.
After this you must give the fruit to the poor.

Brings your lost love to you no matter where he/she is.


Hold the picture of your lover in your left hand.
In your right hand take a rosary of 100 beads.
On each bead chant once "MANA NAA TALKA".
After this is done blow air from your mouth onto your lover's picture.

This spell in particular is used to rekindle love between you and your partner.


Take 2 Onions and cut them into half's ( total 4 pieces).
Chant 99 times "NALKANO PANDIR JANA NALKANO" and blow air from your mouth onto the onions.
You may then keep the onions outside of your house and leave them there.
During the above spell, always keep in mind your lover.

This spell is cast to make your partner faithful towards you and will stop betraying you.


Take a bowl of milk and add few rose petals to the bowl. Now right the full name of your lover on a black piece of paper and put it in the bowl. Now after all this is done chant this spell out loud thrice
"MAA BASTO BINTA SHA" and then blow the air from your mouth on to the bowl. After this is done burry the contents of the bowl in mud.

Your lover will come to you and will be yours forever.

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