There is more to life than what meets the eye and life definitely is unpredictable.

These days there are more and more breakups taking place than ever before. This is a matter of great concern. If you have broken up with your love or your love has gone away for reasons best known to you then try this spell. Your partner will leave aside all egos and come back to you for good.

Cast this lost love spell only for 1 week and then stop. Don't repeat after a week.
Start on a Monday and continue till you complete 7 days.

At night take a bath and wear clean white clothes.

Sit on the floor of your home comfortably.

Take a picture of your partner and keep it in front of you. Draw a circle around the picture of your love. The circle is to bring him closer to you and to attract him into submission.

With total concentration and while looking at the picture sing the spell 100 times HUBA NOSU KAHAE.

Make sure to keep the picture in the very same place unmoved in the center of the circle throughout for 7 days. The spell fails if the picture moves.