The lesbian spell is in demand and in the very same way gay love spells are also very much sought after. I shall talk about the gay love spells later but now coming back to the lesbian love spell.

To cut across the clutter and the questions asked my many. I want to clarify that this spell works on the will of a person. In other words it will turn a straight person into a lesbian once the spell is cast correctly. Be mindful of the fact when casting this spell because it works on the free will of the person for whom you are about to cast this spell. If you cast this spell then make sure to be committed to the persona and don't cast it for fun and games.

Cast this lesbian love spell on a full moon when the clock strikes 9'oclock sharp.

STEP 1) Take a raw egg and write down your name and the name of the person you seek on it.

STEP 2) Cover the entire egg with rose petals. Use some glue to stick the petals on the egg and cover the egg completely including both the names.

STEP 3) Step outside your home and while standing underneath the open sky looking at the moon chant this spell 99 times loudly ZAKOS MEKOS PAARA HOOBA. The egg will be in your hand while chanting.

STEP 4) Throw the egg in the sky in the direction of the moon, turn and go back home without bothering to look at the egg.

The girl you seek will develop emotions and feelings for you.