They are extracts and manipulated writings which when recited for a certain number of repetitions along with proper procedures will give you access and master ship to the unseen forces created by God.

People ask with great interests as to how is this possible.
The explanation is quiet simple.

The Invocations are made of stages that have to be passed daily over a period of days depending on the invocation and how many days are required per invocation.

Invocations are the keys of unlocking the doors/stages which then enable the Genie, Angel, Spirit or Dwarf etc to come forth from the unseen world into the seen world.

Invocations that I prepare are basically short and simple and not complicated as others. In short I like to come to the point directly.
They are made of 3 stages or you can call them doors.

A) Gate Opening (Prayers to open the gate for the Genie, Angel, Spirit or Dwarf to come from the unseen to the seen world)

B) Master ship (Invocation prayers that are to invoke, conquer them and to bring them under your command/master ship)

C) Communication ( Prayers which prepare the Genie, Angel, Spirit or Dwarf to communicate with you and to start taking orders from you)