Incense love spell has a great soul healing touch and is a traditional preparation. It has more to it than healing and I need a lot more time to explain the inner workings of incense sticks. For more on incense you can check my incense and incense sticks page.

Coming back to the incense sticks love spell. The spell works at an amazing pace which baffles most.

The spell is for all kinds of love issues and desires. I will mention a few just to give you an idea.

a) Marriage

b) Stop cheating partner

c) Attraction

d) Soul mate

Its important to keep the desire or wish that you have in your mind throughout the spell casting to make this spell a success.

Cast the spell for 21 days.

STEP 1) Every evening at one fixed time burn one rose incense stick near the window.

STEP 2) Sit in a comfortable seated position preferably on a chair and chant the spell 99 times HUBA CAOJA MOREK ANO.

Within 21 days your desire and wish will come true no matter how hard and stiff your wish is.