The spell is much similar to the lesbian love spell but few alterations are done in this spell to make it more effective. Men are different to Women and thus the alterations.

I want to make it clear yet again that this spell should be cast only if you are serious enough and want to spend the rest of your life with the person you seek since this spell works on the will of the person.

Cast this spell on a full moon when the clock strikes 12'oclock.

STEP 1) Take 2 raw eggs and write down your name and the name of the person you seek on them.

STEP 2) Cover both the eggs entirely with rose petals. Use some glue to stick the petals on the eggs and cover the eggs completely including both the names. Use red rose petals only and no other color.

STEP 3) Step outside your home and while standing underneath the open sky looking at the moon chant this spell 199 times loudly ZAKOS MEKOS ZOSHA HOOBA. The eggs will be in your hand while chanting.

STEP 4) Throw both the eggs simultaneously in the sky in the direction of the moon, turn and go back home without bothering to look at the eggs.

The man you seek will develop emotions and feelings for you.