This spell will make the impossible possible. The love spell will bring a couple together no matter what the scenario and how ugly the situation is between a couple. The spell even works on people who are divorced and parted ways.

Mainly the spell is cast by family members of a couple who want to see them together. At times grownup children also cast this spell to bring their parents together.

Here is the procedure and remember to cast the spell only in the evening.

STEP 1) Take a picture of the couple and attach a rose petal each in all the 4 corners of the picture. Take only one picture in which both the couples are visible clearly.

STEP 2) Behind the picture right their names in the center crossing each other but clearly making sure than both the names don't overlap each other. Now on the top and bottom of the picture right the spell CALOK MALUN HOHAL ABHE.

STEP 3) This is the most important step where you will have to place the picture facing upwards in a rose quartz crystal container. Close the container, shower it with lavender aroma and keep it aside.

In days the couple will get together and that is forever.

Find and use only a rose quartz container which is the key element here if you want the spell to succeed.