Ever wanted and wished to have the best looking girl or boy by your side. The one who is desired by all? This could be an impossible task on its own but becomes easy by the use of this spell.

STEP 1) Take a lemon and on one side right your name and on the other side right the name of your love.

STEP 2) While looking at the lemon imagine you and your lover coming together. Imagine this in the most dramatic form possible and feel the emotion. Quickly sing this spell for 9 times ZARU MAZOS PAAR.

STEP 3) Hold the lemon in the right hand and throw it far away without bothering to even look and know where it is gone.

STEP 4) The very same day offer some food to the poor and needy. This step completes the spell without which the spell will not work.

You will have your dream lover with you and in your arms within a short period of time.