Are you heartbroken or hurt for reasons connected to love? This is just the right spell for you.

There are more rejections than acceptance of proposals by the person you seek. Some people may reject your proposal of love in a milder form but some may ruthlessly dismiss your proposal leaving you hurt and heartbroken. This is fine since all people are not the same.

This spell is the most read and loved by people. Want to know why?
This broken heart love spell brings the very same person to you who has broken your heart. The person may possibly come on knees to you asking forgiveness and pleading acceptance.

It's a relatively simple love spell but very powerful.

STEP 1) Take a clean piece of paper and write down your name in the center of the paper.

STEP 2) Write the person's name across your name.

STEP 3) While writing both the names you must sing the spell at least 10 times MASQ HUBA SAUR.

STEP 4) Take the paper and keep it under a solid brick ensuring the paper is unmoved till the time the person you seek comes to you.

Notice the magic within few days and don't be surprised when the person who broke your heart comes to you and accepts you.