Use this black magic spell bearing in mind that this love spell will bring the person you seek to you no matter what. The person will be yours irrespective of being married or in a relationship. This is a real deal spell; attempt it only if you are extremely serious about the person you seek and desire.

Cast this black magic love spell on a full moon night when the clock strikes 12' o clock sharp.

STEP 1) Take a small bowl and break into it raw eggs till the bowl is half full.

STEP 2) Write your name and the name of the person you seek on a paper. Immerse the paper in the bowl completely. Use a black paper and golden pen this time.

STEP 3) Step outside your home and pour/burry the entire preparation in the nearby soil/mud

STEP 4) While pouring, chant the spell 3 times ZAKA KALAK MERA HUBAK.

After all the steps are complete, turn and go back home without bothering to look back.

You will be surprised to know the person you seek will start showing keen interest in you which will keep increasing daily. You know what to do next.